Connect Rephyl

Connect Rephyl

leave-in treatment for scalp, follicles & hair

19.3 fl. oz. | 570 ml.


CONNECT is the hero product of the Phylia de M. Hair Care System and the custom formula has incredible benefits for skin & nail health as well. We made CONNECT REPHYL so you can have ample supply of CONNECT on hand in an ecological & economical way!

ALOE BLEND: soothes & encourages keratin production for new hair, skin & nails.

TANNIC ACID BLEND: repairs damaged cells.

PURE HUMIC FREE FULVIC ACID: works as a highly effective transport vehicle for nutrients, taking them to the right cells & making cell walls more permeable to them. It really activates the potential of the next product you apply, while also detoxifying & encouraging new & healthy cell regeneration.

Bonus Usage Tips: 

  • Spray on a cotton ball and apply onto brow & lash lines to rejuvenate health & growth
  • Spray into nail beds to restore & maintain nail health & strength
  • Spray onto skin (face & body) as a detoxifying & healing toner that also preps and encourages the maximum results of your favorite moisturizer
  • Apply on minor cuts & bruises as an antiseptic and to expedite healing & to minimize scarring