What To Expect

Good things come, as they say, to those who wait. The recovery of your hair health, takes patience. Just as it took time for environment and stress to take their toll, so it takes time for hair to repair and regenerate. With continued and diligent use of Phylia de M.’s nurturing hair care system, we promise you’ll be rewarded with results.

Note: If, like us, patience is not one of your virtues, then use all 3 products together, daily, for quickest results.

Who can use Phylia de M.?

Hair growth and function is the same in men, women, and children. The gentle nature of our product, and the fundamental science of Phylia de M., helps restore everyone’s ability to grow thick, shiny, healthy hair.

Does new growth fall out if I forget to use Phylia de M., or lapse in use of the product for a couple of weeks?

NO. Phylia de M. products help to restore your body’s own ability to grow new hair by getting to the root of the problem. Essentially, our products are designed to assist your nerves in supplying keratin to hair follicles. It does take time for damaged nerves to reconnect to follicles, but once nerve health is restored, your healthy hair cycle is back in action and will continue to perform on its own. However, if you discontinue use of Phylia de M. for a long period, suffer from stress and poor health habits, your body functions will debilitate once again. It is important to take care to detoxify, reduce stressors and nourish both inner and outer body health!

If I use Phylia de M. on areas treated with laser or wax for hair removal, will it grow back my unwanted hair?

Consistent and intentional application of Phylia de M. on any treated areas will result in hair growth. However, contemporary hair removal treatments are aggressive. If your Phylia de M. treatment only touches treated areas as runoff from rinsing hair, this will not result in complete re-growth, just softer skin!

How does it work?

Phylia de M. effectively reestablishes healthy function of the cells and nerves along the scalp, (in addition to those under skin and nail beds) helping your body to transform protein into keratin. The result is the formation of new hair, skin, and nails. Due to stress, poor health habits, and aging, cells and nerve function sometimes becomes debilitated. Phylia de M. reignites the cycle and helps to restore hair growth and scalp function. These healthy nerve connections help to produce your best natural hair, skin, and nails.

Simply put, while Phylia de M. does not change your DNA, it does restore your DNA functions.